A party has many faces

It can be a wedding that needs a closing act, a festival that needs their crowd to move or whatever ever you can think of. Since 2009 The Jolly Mangos have played on the most diverse places and know what the crowd needs once they get on stage. Even for the newschool and the oldtimers.

Just a power plug...

What you hear is just as important as what you see. They play together as a team and involve the crowd into the show. It’s about the whole experience! They take care of everything, they just need a powerplug. Amplification is all in the package for up to +/- 250 people. And there is repertoire for over 4 hours of play time to keep your event last forever!

The Jolly Mangos played at the Into the Woods Festival 2018

De Jolly Mango’s op Feest

The Jolly Mango’s played at Ruigoord several times the past years

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