The concert experience

A big part of the Jolly Mango's music comes from stories. And they perform these stories in theaters and music halls to take their audience on a small journey. A combination of music, storytelling and video makes this show theater-worthy experience.

A jolly theater

They released a new album ‘the Carousel’ which came with a 100 min show. The show is performed with portable equipment and audio installation, which they bring themselves.

Cinematic Folk

After passing through so many diverse musical cultures they started to develop their own sound. This has led them to a total new genre they call ‘Cinematic folk’. A mix of diverse styles which makes it surprisingly refreshing for any type of event.


Not only their own songs is gets the crowd going. Covers played in a way people have never heard before. It’s new and familiar at the same time.
They can walk around as they keep playing and interacting with people. An act that makes it personal even with large crowds.

The Jolly Mangos at their sold-out album release in 2018.

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One of our recent music videos, Papa Whiskey

Live in your backyard!

Shot in France by our friends from VanSelfie

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